Crisis Action Weaponry Recommendation for Newbies

New soldiers! Welcome to Crisis Action!

Today we will introduce some basic equipments and weapons for you. A good and appropriate gun could help you play the game more easily and shoot more enemies down.

First things first, the most important thing is to protect yourself!

You will get a Glock 17 the first time you join the game and get a AK47 when you finish the instruction. You should buy some basic equipments to improve your strength quickly, especially the defense ability. If you got enough coins, buy Helmet, Armor and Boots.

There are light and heavy choices, light ones have lower defense ability but will not affect the speed. We recommend light ones, because it’s cheaper and you could improve them when you got more money.

We recommend: [ Combat Helmet ] + [ Combat Armor ] + [ Combat Boots ]

This three items could meet the basic needs at the early days. However, you could buy [ PASGTIV ] + [ Supermolecular ] + [ Warfare Boots ] if you have enough money! These items will greatly improve your fighting abilities.

NOW, choose your gun!

If you are not that rich, do not choose pistol at early days, because it’s not a great choice for new players. We recommend you buy a main gun which you will use mostly. If you never played a FPS game before, AK47 is a classic assault rifle and it’s adapt to most situations. You could upgrade it to the best level. If you are familiar with FPS games, you would know that one AK47 is far beyond enough. You should have at least one submachine gun, one shotgun and one sniper rifle.