Lottery System Introduction

Lottery system is one of the key ways for players to get the legendary weapons, Knight series, in Crisis Action. Now let me introduce you how it works.

1.In the lottery system, you can use diamonds and honor to draw it. Each player has five free shots for honor lottery every day. Players may get permanent weapons, time-limited characters and rare weapon fragment. Ten times in a row will guarantee at least one permanent weapon.

2. The diamond lottery(M) costs 110 diamonds for one shot, 1000 diamonds for ten. Players may get permanent knight weapons and characters in both ways.

3. If you use 1000 diamonds for ten shots lottery pick, the chances of getting rare weapons and rare characters will significantly increase, meanwhile you will get at least a level 7 permanent weapon. It all depends on luck as you play. Players may get the Knight series weapon with the best chance.

That’s all for the brief introduction of lottery system in Crisis Action. Follow us for more information about Crisis Action!