New to Crisis Action? This is for you!

There will always be crazy fans loving playing shooting games no matter on PCor mobile devices. So if you are one of them and want to try Crisis Action, let me introduce some basic knowledges for you.

How to play Crisis Action?

Follow instructor Caroline, let’s start the journey.

After you start the instruction and finish it successfully, you will earn certain gold and honor. Then you could buy guns and equipments in the store!

Please hold it with your two hands and slide the left half of the screen to move, slide the right half to aim and tap the right half to fire. Remember,only when you use your both hands cleverly, you can play it well!

[ Left Half ]

You could move when you move your finger on the left half of the screen. Noneed to tap the button.

[ Right Half ]

When you move on the right half screen, you could control what you see and aim your enemies. If you tap the button, you could fire! You could also change the settings about the auto fire if you like. Enjoy!